Hey guys, I just wanted to create a short post today to give a shout out to any hunters. It’s that season!

What I really wanted to do was give a quick mention to someone who is making CUSTOM traditional bows (longbows). These are amazing products and I would definitely suggest you check them out if you are interested in a traditional longbow.

You can custom order yours specifically how you want too, so there’s a bit of flexibility and customization with how yours will turn out.

If you are interested, definitely check out his site – Big Stick Archery – for any requests for custom longbows and traditional bows. He has a YouTube video I’ve included below too… enjoy!

Welcome to our new site!

What is Hide N Camo? We are a group of people who are super enthusiastic about the outdoors (as you can tell). Now, we knew our passion would only take us so far. So, we’ve enlisted the help of some others who are great at websites and growing those websites online – hence the sweet new design we have. We agreed to write information about marketing and websites on here as well, but our main content will be about our passion – the outdoors!

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